3 Ways Banks Can Improve Virtual Communications

3 Ways Banks Can Improve Virtual Communications

3 Ways Banks Can Improve Virtual Communications

Hosting a successful virtual event, especially in the banking industry, can be daunting. From choosing a date to fit all of your speakers’ schedules to preparing supplemental material, and everything in between, it’s a lot on anyone’s plate—especially an executive’s. If you’re looking for ways your bank can improve its virtual communications, keep reading for three helpful tips. In no time, you’ll be on your way to cashing in an opportunity for a flawless virtual call.

1. Improve Security

Looking for ways to improve your bank’s virtual communications? First, start with security. Utilizing meeting passcodes and domain restrictions, using public and private rooms, and only enabling features you need can help secure your hybrid meetings, specifically during IR season.

  • Meeting Passcodes- One of the best ways to improve the security of your virtual meetings is to require a passcode for your participants. Passcodes help deter uninvited guests from joining your call. The passcode should be memorable for your guests but unique to your event. Public and Private Rooms– Public and private rooms are geared for different groups of participants. If you wish to invite VIP guests, the private room lets you choose who can join and ask questions, thus tightening your event security. Your conference expert can also answer and place calls into the private room for added protection. Public rooms usually house more participants and allow a freer forum for guests to listen and join.
  • Only enable features you need– Your virtual solution may come with many valuable features, such as in-conference text chat, file sharing, and screen sharing, just to name a few. To keep your virtual meeting secure, only enable the features you need. Doing so may involve limiting permissions within a forum, such as which users can share their screens. Only enabling needed features can limit disruptions from attendees using unnecessary capabilities, all while minimizing potential security risks.
  • IP Security– For an added layer of security, consider IP security and domain restrictions. Ask your provider if they can set up your virtual event to only allow guests from certain IP addresses and/or domains.

2. Choose an Operator Assisted Call

An operator assisted call is perfect for high-stakes virtual meetings, like investor relations calls. During an operator assisted call, your virtual meeting expert manages the call for you while you focus on the message or your presentation. Don’t worry about making introductions, solving technical glitches, or even hosting the Q&A session— your lead operator handles all that for you. An operator assisted call puts you in control while the experts handle the other stuff behind the scenes. Your bank’s virtual communications will flourish around earnings season and beyond with a clearer head and a solution backed by a trusted team.

Similarly, operator assisted calls pair perfectly with a webcast for a hybrid meeting. By offering both solutions, your participants can choose how they dial in.

3. Take Training Virtual

Unless you’re a community bank, there’s a good chance you have offices stretching across your city, state, and even country. With employees spread out, getting everyone together for training can be challenging. So, what will you do? Spend a lot of money and put up a handful of employees in a hotel? That’s not necessary. Instead, you can take your trainings virtual. Virtual trainings allow you to share materials ahead of time (and save several reams of paper.) Similarly, it will enable employees to network with others from different locations. Not to mention an increased engagement.

The banking industry can involve many risks, but why should your virtual communications strategy be one of them? Don’t leave your meetings’ success to fate. Instead, secure the meeting, choose an operator assisted call, and take your trainings virtual. And, if you’re looking for the right team to back you up, Connex is here to support you. Give us a call today!