How to Host a Secure Virtual Meeting

How to Host a Secure Virtual Meeting

Secure Virtual MeetingHow to Host a Secure Virtual Meeting

With everyone hosting more virtual meetings since the start of the pandemic, security has become an increasingly important issue. Maybe you’ve heard a story or two about virtual meetings getting tracked, hacked, or hijacked. These breaches not only risk the wrong eyes seeing confidential information, but can ruin a company’s reputation.

Luckily, there are some steps you can take to make sure you’re hosting a secure virtual meeting every time.

Password Protect Your Meeting

Most virtual meeting tools generate a meeting ID to give attendees access. But unfortunately, all someone needs to do is share their access ID on social media to invite numerous trolls into the conference. If you want to ensure you’re hosting a secure virtual meeting, require a PIN code or log in and password for operator assisted meetings or webcasts.

Set Organizational Rules

It’s always worthwhile to set some ground rules when hosting virtual meetings for your business. For example, don’t allow employees to attend meetings from a public location where other people might see sensitive information on their screen. You can also prohibit users from sharing their meeting ID with other attendees. Encouraging attendees to follow meeting rules like these can help minimize security risks.

Know Your Attendees

When hosting a sensitive meeting, it’s worthwhile to utilize a conference coordinator who can collect information about attendees at check-in. Never assume an unfamiliar face that’s logged in is supposed to be there. Even if you’re conferencing with a hundred people, there are things you can do to track and know who’s logging in. For example, with Connex Intl webcasts, you can limit meeting access to authorized IP addresses and request email authentication to verify identities.

Lock Sensitive Conferences to Outside Entry

Depending on the kind of virtual meeting you’re having, it could be worthwhile to lock your conference to outsiders. Connex Intl’s MeetNow Reservationless tool gives you the ability to lock and unlock your conference to prevent unauthorized entry. For operator assisted conferencing, you can also use pre-registration for events, giving each participant a personal ID for the call. This will keep access limited to only those who have been approved through pre-registration.

Only Enable the Features You Need

Your video conferencing tool comes with a variety of valuable features, such as in-conference text chat, file sharing, and screen sharing. To host a secure virtual meeting, only enable the features needed for the call at hand. This includes limiting permissions within a meeting, such as which users can share their screens. Doing this helps limit disruptions from people using unnecessary features, all while minimizing potential security risks.

Choose the Right Provider

One thing’s for sure, some video conferencing tools take security more seriously than others. If you want all the features you need to host a secure virtual meeting, you need to choose the right conferencing provider for the job. Connex Intl’s conferencing and webcast platforms offer numerous security features including single sign-on options, password protection, IP address, and email authentication, and more, perfect for businesses in the medical field or even just regular businesses.

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