Benefits of Working with Connex

I f there’s one thing we set out to do, it’s make the lives of our clients easier. Connex web, video and audio conferencing services are designed to simplify your business life and streamline the things you need to do each day. With a little help from Connex, you’ll be able to focus on the bigger picture, get things done more effectively and reach your milestones faster.

There are a lot of conferencing providers out there, and you’re probably asking yourself, why should I choose Connex?, What makes them different?. Below, find the answers to questions we’re often asked. If you don’t find your question, call or send it to us, we’d love to answer.


What does Connex do best?

We work with business professionals who want to use conferencing tools to optimize their time and make more money. We respect and understand your brand and deliver services to match your reputation.

How do you do that?

We provide a tailored, proven, repeatable process to drive down corporate costs (like travel) while we enable a more effective and efficient decision making process for your mission critical and revenue generating operations.

Why should I buy Connex solutions?

  • You will reduce wasted time in meetings, in transit and in scheduling.
  • You will eliminate the hours your team needs to spend on troubleshooting and firefighting.
  • You will be able to budget your telecom costs and activities more closely.
Why should I work with Connex?

We provide excellent execution and reliability.

Web, video and audio conferencing represent 100% of our business. We have invested for years in the best technology and the best people so you can be sure that your meetings, conference calls, webinars and events will run smoothly, everyday.

Our clients tell us that our service teams are incredible.

When you become a client of Connex, you are assigned a dedicated team of professionals. Because you work with the same, highly skilled people, you do not have to waste time reiterating your conference instructions or preferences.

Our solutions are comprehensive and flexible.

Our tools and tailored solutions range from open access audio conferences up to ‘white-glove’ boutique services. And, because Connex is an independent company, we enhance our own platforms by hand-picking key partners to help give you the best technology options.

We provide detailed information.

Our online, real-time conference views enable you to track your meeting activities more closely, accurately and conveniently.

We are committed and accountable.

When challenges arise, rest assured that we will communicate with you quickly, resolve the issue as soon as possible, fair and square. That is the mark of a true partnership.

What values does Connex deliver?


We are always going to tell you the truth, and we always recommend the best solution, not the most expensive one.



We have the knowledge and experience  to deliver outside-the-box ideas and are able to customize nearly every aspect of your meeting or event.



It’s a fact that meeting times and requirements change. We understand this and are able to accommodate these changes, even the last minute ones.  



For over 35 years, we have been delivering successful conferencing solutions.  We stand behind our work, and we make sure that you can focus on your meeting, not the behind-the-scene details.