How Operator-Assisted Conferences Benefit Your Business

How Operator-Assisted Conferences Benefit Your Business

Operator Assisted Conferences

How Operator-Assisted Conferences Benefit Your Business

Imagine starting an important conference call with investors, a new client, or board members. Next, you sign in, and the audio quality is less than ideal. Then, maybe the connection is shaky, and you drop off the call. When your reputation is on the line, do you want to leave your call’s success up to chance? Similarly, if your meeting demands a polished presentation, do you want to devote time to logistics? When you need to impress your audience, an operator-assisted conference is the right choice.

What are Operator-Assisted Conferences?

Operator-assisted or reserved conferences are high-touch, fully-managed, premium virtual meetings. Your dedicated operator will set you at ease and take care of everything before, during, and after your call — all with your success in mind. They are perfect when you need a more formal option for your investor relations calls, all-hands meetings, press conferences, board meetings, and other critical conference calls.

Here are five reasons a dedicated operator will enhance your call.

Logistics Assistance

Operator-assisted conferences include white-glove service and premium assistance. Before your event, the lead operator reviews your meeting requests and any last-minute changes. During the call, the operator greets your participants, provides instructions, and introduces your speakers. They also manage Q&A and/or polling sessions, monitor call quality, and record the meeting. This creates an opportunity for you to focus solely on your message from start to finish.

Reputation Protection

No matter who you’re meeting with, you want to protect your brand. In other words, if your reputation is on the line, an operator guiding your call is a homerun. Don’t stress about making a good impression. With operator-assisted conferences, an experienced operator is on your team and wants you to succeed too!

Increased Flexibility

Life moves fast. Sometimes last-minute situations surface, and you’ll need to tweak your scheduled call’s details. With operator-assisted conferences, your dedicated operator can assist with last-minute changes. This will come in handy as a huge stress reliever. With a white-glove approach, you can focus on the presentation, not the technical details.

Advanced Reporting

If you’re interested in reporting after your call, operator-assisted calls have options available. It’s important to know who joined the call to evaluate attendance for future meetings. Your dedicated operator can compile a list of participants, their information collected, and even when they joined or left your meeting. Reporting is a key way to enhance your meeting experience, evaluate participation and plan your next conference. Plus, you can even record your calls or receive a transcription for your records.

Improved Peace of Mind

Lastly, high-level meetings can be stressful enough without worrying about all the details in play. With operator-assisted calls, you can rely on a dedicated teammate to keep your meeting on track. Sleep well knowing your conference calls are in the right hands.

Operator-Assisted Conferences Work

Above all, collaborating and communicating with your employees, clients, and partners is the center of your business. Every meeting is an opportunity to build stronger relationships, share ideas and deliver your message. Conference calls with operator assistance are perfect when you need a more formal meeting option.

At Connex, we know meetings are not one-size-fits-all. Our virtual meeting experts work with you to create a solution to fit your needs, objective, and budget. We understand it’s important to protect your reputation and deliver high-quality solutions designed to impress your audience.

Ready to team up with a dedicated operator for your next high-stakes call? Give us a shout, and we’ll be happy to help.