Operator Assisted Conferencing

Operator Assisted Conferencing

(when you need a more formal start…)
We understand your communication plan is the lifeblood of your business. You need to collaborate and communicate with your employees, clients, and partners at any time. Similarly, we know every meeting is a chance to build stronger relationships, share ideas, and deliver your message. Therefore, it’s important to have a reliable operator assisted conferencing solution you can trust.

With over three decades of virtual meeting experience, we’re proud to say we always stay ahead of the game. No matter what your virtual meeting needs may be, we’re committed to you. We’ll provide the latest and most technologically advanced solutions to help you communicate seamlessly, effortlessly, and efficiently.

We designed complete state-of-the-art conferencing solutions to will help you communicate effectively. Not to mention, you’ll also impress your clients and partners. We understand when it comes to a communication strategy, our solutions will make a lasting impression.

Our Operator Assisted Conferencing Solutions Make Virtual Meetings a Breeze

We designed our high-quality, flexible, operator assisted conferencing solutions to put you in charge of the conversation. We give you easy-to-use tools to effectively communicate. As a result, you’ll create vital connections to benefit your business and bottom line. Trust us, even the least tech-savvy person can easily manage our solutions.

In addition to our virtual conferencing tools, our defining factor is the people who make them work. It’s why we succeeded where others have failed. We bring you real people who make sure you get the high-touch, high-quality results you deserve.

Meet Claire*

Claire (your conference coordinator)  is a professional, experienced Connex problem preventer. She’s always ready to assist you with your virtual meetings and events. These virtual events may include training sessions, HR reviews, all-hands meetings, press conferences, investor relations calls, and board meetings. Claire can also help you host webinars, sales summits, and other important conference calls.

Claire will set you at ease and take care of everything so you don’t have to. She executes your operator assisted conference better than anyone. In other words, Claire takes pride in the solutions Connex delivers. She painstakingly reviews every detail of your event with the utmost care—all with your success in mind.


Chats with you before your program to review your requests and any last minute changes.

Politely answers calls, warmly greets all participants and provides instructions where necessary.

Remains on the call to monitor the quality, introduce speakers, actively manage your Q&A and polling sessions and assist in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. And don’t worry, Claire understands the value of your reputation and takes your trust very seriously.

Records your meeting so that you can play it back or have us transcribe it so that you have a record of everything that was discussed.

Compiles a list of all participants and send it to you so that you know exactly who took part.

*Your actual operator might have a different name, like Bella, Tyler, or Kali. Whichever Connex operator we pair you with, one thing will always be the same: high quality, professional conference call services at all times.

Enhance Your Meeting Experience

When you need a more formal audio conferencing option, operator assisted calls are the perfect solution. Your dedicated virtual meeting expert handles your conference call from start to finish. When the stakes are high, using a dedicated professional is the best thing to do for your company.

With a conference operator, a virtual meeting expert will always be on standby. They manage your conference, warmly greet participants, and introduce speakers. Similarly, our conference operators provide the necessary instructions to your participants and can manage your Q&A. Our operator assisted conferencing solution effectively takes care of it all. More importantly, in the unlikely event anything goes wrong, it’ll be swiftly handled by the operator. You don’t have to worry about a thing!

Connex also provides add-on features that let you customize your virtual meeting without breaking your budget. 

Run your virtual meeting with singular focus and confidence while we manage everything else.

Value added upgrades:

Easy recording

Record, retrieve and archive your meeting. Great for post-conference note taking, action item creation or sharing valuable information with those unable to attend.

Attendee Report

This post conference list of all who joined your meeting helps you evaluate the attendance and customize your follow-up. Report includes specific information gathered during the check-in process.


Our professional transcription service is perfect when you need a written document of what was said during your conference. This option let’s you focus on your conversation and stop worrying about taking notes.

Web Collaboration

Add an easy-to-use, cost-effective web conferencing tool that allows you to meet virtually face-to-face. Combined with your audio conference, your participants will not only hear your ideas, but see them as well.

Online Management

ConferenceWatchPRO℠ is a web-based tool that helps you control your audio conference. Immediately see who’s on your call, prioritize your question queue and chat live with your lead conference coordinator.


Collect valuable registration information (perfect for lead-gen follow-up),  predict attendance levels and send calendar invites and event reminders with DirectRSVP℠ our event participation management solution.

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