Med Pharma

How is the Health of
Your Communications?
We designed our full suite of Med Pharma Communication services to satisfy your virtual communication needs. Our virtual solutions will help you collect and share information securely. In addition to our technology, Connex offers a dedicated team that will provide an unexpected level of service. Our virtual meeting experts listen to and work to understand your objectives. We look forward to helping you identify and customize your virtual communication plan.

Inbound Data Collecting Solutions

Making it easy to get the information you need

When you need customizable med pharma solutions, Connex manages the process from start to finish. In addition, we can help you gather registrant data, solicit audience opinions, and more. Simply put, let us handle it and your data will be there.

Event Registration

We’ll collect your registrant’s data for events such as pharmaceutical trials to product education webcasts.


While conducting your event, we will transcribe all information into a document for your future reference.

Attendee Reports

We’ll help you evaluate your meeting by understanding who attended. You can customize your event’s check in process to ensure the post meeting report includes the most relevant information.

Survey Distribution & Management

Let’s make survey distribution and management as easy as possible for you and your participants.  Connex will handle everything from A to Z.

Outbound Messaging Solutions

All you need to get your message out

The Medical and Pharmaceutical fields become more technologically and digitally focused every day. Therefore, with shrinking budgets and an increased geographical footprint, you need options that can be tailored to your business. As a result, you’ll want to share information with doctors, key opinion leaders (KOL), or participants. That’s where we come in.


Record, retrieve and archive your meeting. Great for post-conference note taking, action item creation or sharing valuable information with those unable to attend.


Educate your audience of 10 to 10,000 on a new product, or hold a meeting. With no downloads or plug ins required, it is easy for your audience to access your event.

Managed Audio & Web Events

With our dedicated team and web based tools you can control every moment of your event: questions, attendees, live chats, etc.

Web Collaboration

Collaborate internally and externally in real time. Make decisions together and discover key opinions together from anywhere.

We’ll work with you to identify and customize your communication plan.