Web-&-Video Conferencing

Web & Video Conferencing
(because seeing is believing…)

Business Travel Cost (average for a 4-day trip)

Total Cost = $1,636

Flight – $361

Hotel – $692

Food – $395

Rental Car – $188
It’s time you review your options, and make the move to a less-stressful, more “green” approach to meetings. With two of the most powerful communications tools you could ever want right in front of you, you can easily connect with anyone you want using any device they want. Sounds perfect, right?

Now you can harness the power of your phone and your favorite device together, seamlessly, to create a powerful meeting solution that engages people and inspires collaboration. Watch the creative juices flow when you merge the interactivity of in-person meetings through your web and/or video conference.

And, because we know you don’t have time to read a technical manual, we’ll train you so you can quickly get on your way. And rest assured that our web and video technology is designed to be reliable, scalable and secure.



It’s no secret that in today’s world, travel costs are becoming increasingly prohibitive not to mention airline schedules or lack there of. With web conferencing, everyone can quickly log into your meeting without wasting time at the airport or spending money on a ticket. Why not save your travel budget for a few important face-to-face meetings each year?




Don’t want your remote participants to feel left out? With a web conferencing your meeting just got personal. Now you can see, hear and communicate as if you’re all in same room. You don’t have to just talk about your ideas — you can show them. Transform your next remote meeting into a truly collaborative one.



Scheduling in-person meetings typically takes way more time than simply inviting attendees, and who doesn’t need more time in their day? Plus now, instead of waiting for the next quarterly get-together, you and your team can get down to the business of making decisions in real time via your web conference.



Since anyone with an Internet connection can attend, web conferencing eliminates geographic barriers of all kinds. Adding webcam(s) to your online meeting allows participants to see your expressions and body language. Don’t you want to open up possibilities for communication with employees and clients worldwide?



True fact…excessive travel can quickly cause burn out. Eliminating or reducing the need for frequent travel takes a great deal of stress off you and your team. Why let canceled flights, bad weather or uncontrollable circumstances leave you stranded on the way to your meetings? With web conferencing, you avoid all these headaches.



If you are like most people, you have probably “multi-tasked” during a routine meeting. So, how do you keep your participants focused on your agenda? Hold a web conference, of course. By adding features like video clips, webcams, online polling/surveys or even creating breakout rooms, you can increase your meeting’s productivity and results.

Enhance your Web & Video Experience

Sometimes all you need is a basic meeting. Other times, you may need all the bells and whistles. Connex brings you a choice of add-on features that let’s you customize your event. Choose the options that make the most sense for you—and get the most out of every meeting or event.


A professional appearance builds credibility and trust. Start by branding your meetings with your company logo, images and colors.


Record, retrieve and archive your meeting.  Great for those unable to attend or for those who would like to review your message a second time.

Value added upgrades:


Our professional transcription service is perfect when you need a written document of what was said during your conference. This option let’s you focus on your conversation and stop worrying about taking notes.


Collect valuable registration information (perfect for lead-gen follow-up),  predict attendance levels and send calendar invites and event reminders with DirectRSVP℠ our event participation management solution.

Event Services

Perhaps this is your first webinar/webcast or maybe you’re a seasoned vet, either way we’ve got your back. Our Event Services Team has the knowledge and expertise to assist you with all aspects of your meetings. Leave the details to us so you can to focus on your message.

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