How to Set up a Conference Call

How to Set up a Conference Call

How to Set up a Conference Call

With radical changes taking place in the business world, it’s no surprise more people are turning to conference calls to communicate. When your reputation is on the line, operator assisted conferences can protect your brand and message.

Operator Assisted Conferencing

Some meetings are too important to leave to chance.  At Connex Intl, we know even with modern technology and advanced software solutions, there’s no substitute for the human touch. This is why we offer operator assisted conferencing—where real, honest-to-goodness human hosts facilitate the meeting. We like to call our people problem preventers, though we refer to them as conference operators.

When you set up an operator assisted conferencing call, you speak with your dedicated operator before the call. They will help with any last-minute requests or changes. During the call, your operator politely greets guests and participants. Similarly, they will provide information as needed. The operator remains on the call throughout the meeting to troubleshoot and maintain quality. If requested, operators introduce speakers, actively manage your Q&A, and help with potential technical difficulties. Operators continuously monitor calls for lags, latency, disconnects, and any other possible errors. We work to provide the best quality meeting environment possible, whether it’s a mid-manager speaking or a prime minister.

We can record your meetings and transcribe them if need be. Your operator keeps track of call participants and provides you with that information post-meeting.

Web and Video Conferencing

Web and video conferences all participants to see each other and engage.

In any normal time, the main draw of video conferencing would be to save money on travel: it costs so much to have in-person meetings, with the cost of flights and hotels and meals. But now in a post-COVID world, everything has switched to web and video conferencing as a way of drawing closer together when circumstances keep us apart.

This is especially important for employees to be brought together, as many work remotely, or in teams across the country and around the world. Being able to see your team face-to-face is invaluable.

These calls also help to save time. Rather than individual conference calls between managers and employees, you can get the entire team and all stakeholders together in one virtual room. This helps to make decisions in real-time.

Day-to-Day Conference Calls

The day-to-day conference call is the most basic of calls. It’s the call you make on the spur of the moment to connect you and a handful of coworkers or hop on a one-on-one call with a client. These conference calls happen throughout the day, day-in, and day-out, but that doesn’t mean they don’t require the sophistication of a highly-rated conference calling system.

Setting Up a Day-to-Day Conference Call

The easiest part of a day-to-day conference call is there is no subscription fee and everyone can have their own account. No one needs to share an account–there’s no company account where individual employees have to schedule their time around to get a slot. It’s simply there when you need it, day or night, personalized.

So how do we do it? To start a meeting you just dial in, enter your passcode and the host security code, and that’s all there is to it. No reservations are ever needed. And it’s of the highest quality: Connex reliability is the benchmark, unmatched in the industry. No static, no echoes, no dropped calls. The same can’t be said about most other conference-calling platforms.

And management of the call is a breeze, with a ton of options for the call manager. With LaunchZone in Connex360, you can monitor your call from your MeetNow dashboard. Perhaps, one caller is quiet—you can raise their volume. Maybe another caller is interrupting, so you mute their line. If you need to split up the call into multiple calls, you can do it from the MeetNow dashboard. Participants won’t need to hang up and dial a new number.

And if you need a call with an international client or a team member in a foreign office, we’ve got you covered there, too. The MeetNow dashboard includes international toll-free numbers and local access numbers for over 70 countries.

Benefits of a Day-to-Day Conference Call

Unlike some infamous stories hitting the news about other conference calling apps, you’ll never find party crashers in a Connex Intl call. Just like a bouncer at a nightclub, we have security codes and a smart host to keep the calls secure, safe, and free from unwanted guests.

Bill-tracking is a breeze as well. You can add specific codes to any conference call. You’ll never wonder which bill goes with which call.

And, of course, we have top-tier customer support 24/7 so whenever you’re on a meeting, wherever it takes place around the globe, we can jump right on and help you with any problems you’re having. All you have to do during a call is press *0 and we’ll jump on to solve any headaches.

Value-Added Upgrades

We go the extra mile and give you bonuses you might not have considered before. The first is the easy recording, retrieving, and archiving of any meeting. Busy during the call and want to go back and take notes, or select a quote from a certain person? Need to go back and assign action items to the participants? Or simply need to share the call with people who weren’t able to attend? It can all be done with day-to-day conference calling.

And it’s not just phone calls, but it’s face-to-face collaboration on the web via an easy-to-use and cost-effective web conferencing tool. Using MeetNow audio, your calls will be seen and not just heard.

Moreover, if you need professional transcription services, we’ve got you covered. We can transcribe calls and include everything said in the meeting. This takes a big burden off your shoulders—leave the notetaking to us.


We specialize in high-touch calls where your reputation is on the line. However, we still provide day-to-day solutions. We monitor and respond to any problems and help to facilitate any discussion or tools you desire. At Connex, we make you and your meeting our only priority so you can lead effective conference calls and plan effective webinars, whether you’re a business in the medical field or just an ordinary business that would like better job interviews.