3 Types of Remote Meetings

3 Types of Remote Meetings

Types of Remote Meetings

Let’s face it—not all meetings are the same. Sometimes, you need a few minutes of a colleague’s time on the phone. Others, you need to present a slide deck to your entire team. At Connex Intl, we have a variety of remote meeting solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Day-to-Day Audio Conferencing

Need simple, cost-effective audio conferencing? Whether you need to meet with three people, or thirty, you can easily set up a remote meeting with Connex’s MeetNow Audio Conferencing. No waits, no reservations, no hassles. When would you need a day-to-day solution? Some examples are:

Standing Daily or Weekly Meetings

Some leaders prefer to meet with their team regularly. That may include a standing morning or weekly meeting. When you don’t need white-glove service for a regularly scheduled meeting, day-to-day conferencing is a great choice. Get the whole department, team, or group together at any time, from anywhere.

Virtual Brainstorming Meeting

Whether you’re coming up with an advertising slogan or solution to a technical problem, a day-to-day solution can help. Connex’s MeetNow solution lets teammates brainstorm together at the drop of a hat. Collaboration doesn’t need to suffer just because you’re not all in the same room.

Operator Assisted Conferencing

An Operator Assisted Conferencing solution is perfect for a high-stakes remote meeting. You’ll have an expert operator to introduce speakers, manage chats, troubleshoot, and deliver an unmatched high-quality experience. When your reputation is on the line, operator assisted conferences help you focus on the message, and leave the hard work to us.

Monthly or Quarterly Progress Team Meetings

When the time comes to present data, metrics, employee recognition, or troubleshoot issues, choose an operator assisted conference. This type of remote meeting is ideal for large groups, like an investor relations remote meeting.

All-Hands Remote Meetings

When you need to talk to everybody, and we mean everybody, choose an operator assisted conference. Why not hand off all the little things to an operator who manages meetings with professionalism and politeness. They are concentrated on you and have a wealth of knowledge they use to troubleshoot any problem, organize any call, and get things under control.

Web and Video Conferencing

Sometimes you just need to be able to see and hear the people who you’re working with. Not always, of course; there’s a trend to turning every call into a web call (when it could just as easily be an email). However, when you need to see and connect with everyone in the meeting, nothing can be more important.

Productive Work Sessions

These meetings are when you gather everyone together to work on a project at the same time but open up a remote web conference so that you can all see each other and ping ideas back and forth, getting buy-in and making decisions on the go. These productive work sessions enable everyone to do their piece of the puzzle but with an open line of communication. It’s like everyone is working together in the same room, not remotely, and barriers are torn down.

Cross-Team Collaborative Meetings

When it comes time to discuss matters between one team and another, often one group can dominate an audio conference call. Or the two groups just don’t gel because they’re not able to see each other and recognize the people on the other end of the line as human beings. Don’t get stuck in a silo. Branch out and join your face-to-face with theirs and get to the bottom of your problems. Are you ready to take your conference calls to the next level? Reach out today, and a dedicated event expert will be happy to get you started.