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Conferencing Features Help Lawyers Monetize Their Time
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How Conferencing Features
Help Lawyers Monetize Their Time

Today’s technology offers lawyers many options for communicating with their clients, witnesses, partners, and other stakeholders. Leveraging the right conferencing solution is crucial for streamlining the various tasks involved in moving your cases forward.

But, even if your firm is using conferencing today…are you making the most of it?

With a conferencing provider like Connex Intl, you have access to tools and features that can do more than just connect you with others—they can help you account for costs, maximize your billable hours, and improve your overall efficiency.

1. Don’t Lose Time

Here’s an important (yet brutal) statistic: According to the American Bar Association, billing research shows that 24 minutes of every hour is never actually billed by the working attorney. In an average nine-hour day, that equates to 3.6 hours (that’s 40% of your time) that’s not ever being billed.

There are a variety of factors that could contribute to these gaps. A significant one is that it’s difficult to track your time and assign it to the appropriate cases for billing. It’s one more thing that needs to be take care of. This is why billing codes for your conference calls can be such an asset to ensure that you’re actually accounting for the billable time you spend on the phone.

By using billing codes for phone meetings, you can accurately track services you’ve provided and link them back to the appropriate client or project. This feature allows you to automatically assign that time, and thus streamline the invoicing process for both your clients and your firm.

Your time spent on the phone can be hard to bill for and track. But, with the right information at your fingertips, that challenge virtually disappears.

2. Don’t Waste Time

Much of your day-to-day as an attorney involves conversing with people outside of the office—and, conferencing technology is an effective method to have those important discussions in a way that’s convenient, efficient, and affordable for everyone involved.

But, that convenience aside, conferencing offers another big benefit for law firms: providing accurate and comprehensive records of your calls. Today’s technology features the ability to record, retrieve, and archive your entire meeting. Those detailed records are great for post-conference review, creation of specific action items, and sharing important information with parties who were unable to attend the live discussion.

Additionally, transcripts and conference summary reports can be delivered automatically via email—meaning you can get those need-to-know details into other people’s hands, without needing to invest additional work into meeting minutes or a lengthy email draft.

3. Focus on What Matters

Today’s conferencing technology empowers lawyers to focus on practicing law and consulting with their clients—as opposed to counting billable minutes and maintaining call records.

When selecting a conferencing provider, in addition to understanding the unique needs of the legal industry, look for a dedicated service team who has the flexibility to accommodate your specific requirements and will be able to provide you with a fast response time.