5 Investor Relations Meeting Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 Investor Relations Meeting Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 Investor Relations Meeting Mistakes You Should Avoid

A virtual investor relations (IR) meeting brings together a company and its existing or potential investors, shareholders, analysts, and other stakeholders. During the virtual event, companies provide financial and operational updates, address investor concerns, and foster open communication with their investors. Earnings seasons can be a company’s time to shine. Therefore, with high-stakes IR meetings, you want the call to run smoothly. To ensure your message is delivered seamlessly, here are 5 investor relations meeting mistakes you should avoid.

1. Not Including Appropriate Disclosures

When hosting virtual earnings calls, providing appropriate disclosures is crucial to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Failure to disclose relevant information can lead to legal consequences and damage the trust you’ve built with your investors.

PRO TIP: Take the time to review and include all necessary disclaimers, legal notices, and forward-looking statements before your virtual call and send them along to your Connex virtual meeting team to help keep you accountable.

2. Misspeaking Important Financial Details

Accuracy is paramount when discussing financial details during earnings calls. Mistakenly providing incorrect figures or misrepresenting data can erode investor confidence and credibility. Prioritize meticulous preparation, double-check all financial information, and have supporting documents readily available to reference during your virtual presentations.

PRO TIP: Record a playback with Connex. What’s a playback? It’s a prerecorded call you can broadcast during your live earnings call. You can send your playback to your compliance team before the call to confirm its accuracy before your live earnings event.

3. Lack of Communication with Virtual Meeting Team

A successful IR virtual meeting requires coordination between you and your virtual meeting team. Failing to communicate effectively can lead to technical glitches, misalignment in messaging, and a disjointed experience for attendees. Establish clear lines of communication with your team, conduct a dry run, and ensure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities. Regularly check in with the virtual meeting team to address any potential issues promptly.

PRO TIP: When you work with Connex, you’ll have access to our virtual meeting solution platforms for easy and accessible communication with our virtual meeting experts.

4. Starting the Meeting at the Top of the Hour

Punctuality is valued in business, but starting your virtual earnings call at the top of the hour may create logistical challenges for participants. Many attendees may have back-to-back meetings or overlapping commitments, making joining on time difficult.

PRO TIP: Start your virtual earnings call at a quarter past the hour to allow attendees time to transition from their previous engagements.

5. Not Using Separate Meeting Rooms

It’s not uncommon for earnings calls to include participants you want to participate in the Q&A session and those you’d prefer to have listen-only access. Not using separate virtual meeting rooms limits the ability to control the success of your Q&A session.

PRO TIP: With Connex, we can work with you to establish listen-only rooms for participants, specifically those you wish to interact with during a Q&A.

EVEN BIGGER PRO TIP: When you work with us, we can help you prioritize your Q&A session by setting a preferred order of participant questions. It’s your earnings call—we’ll ensure it flows as you wish.

Virtual meetings have become an indispensable tool in the investor relations landscape. By avoiding these common mistakes—neglecting technical preparedness, poor engagement and interaction, and lack of preparation and clarity—you can elevate your virtual meetings and cultivate stronger relationships with your investors. Team up with Connex and we’ll help you host a flawless IR call this earnings season.

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