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DirectRSVPSM Event Participation Management Solution

Collect valuable information, communicate with registrants and manage attendance – all online and in real time.

DirectRSVP is the perfect solution for all meeting types. Whether events are held in one location or attendees are scattered across the globe – or a combination of both – this solution provides you with an array of tools needed to manage your event details and registration requirements.

While it can be used as a stand-alone tool, DirectRSVP gets even more dynamic when seamlessly paired with any of our conferencing solutions.

Some of the key benefits our clients find useful are that it allows them to:

  • increase meeting participation
  • manage event size & attendee list
  • online reporting
  • control budgets
  • add another level of security with preapproved attendee lists

Other benefits include the ease of automated entry for large audio events with the ability to collect participant information, as well as branded event communications.

Our dedicated DirectRSVP support team works closely with you to set up your event and share best practices for success every step of the way.

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